Letting Go!

Letting Go!

Letting Go?  This means so much to so many of us.  A queue for peace and balance.  For my own journey, letting go was a lesson learned after a deep painful fear that I failed my life, my son, my body, my family. Listening to internal chatter that I was never good enough, that everyone else was better and so perfect.  Allowing myself to trust this thinking only perpetuated a vicious cycle of anorexia, depression, anxiety, post-natal depression, and a deep sadness causing so much pain.

It has taken pain to realise that for emotional, physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing to re-blossom, that I had to re-program the old destructive thoughts and habits, and learn how to let go.  Although this is a constant work in progress, learning to embrace this way of life has enabled me to invest more time and energy towards helping others, and has allowed me to feel like I am adding value to my family – especially my son.

Learning to let go has given light to a new life.  A freedom and flow with feelings, a self-awareness and knowledge of the heart, and a stronger energy force free of judgment’s, labels, and further internal criticism.

Yes it is hard work, but I truly believe we can all learn from darkness and pain, and tune into our own powerful light.  A light of energy that holds the inner-wisdom and power to heal wounds with ourselves and others.

To this day I don’t truly understand why my own internal dialogue became so cruel, painful and punishing.  The days when I’m trying to find understanding, I know that has to be the day when I need to let go the most, and to change what it is I am doing.

Yes there are days like many others where I feel intense emotional pain and frustration. Days when thoughts become so loud, it just feels like a radio blasting out negative and hurtful words.  It is in those moments I practice breathing, and invite calmness to my mind and body so I can reconnect to the present moment.

I continue to learn valuable life lessons each day.  From this journey, I know that if we hook on to every thought and feeling, and believe that negative voice inside as the truth, we will continue to live our life disconnected.  It is more crucial to maintain connection to the beautiful body we were blessed with.  To  our family, friends and community.  It is crucial we embrace and allow our own individual purpose in this life.

Yes we all have our own journey.  We all have the chance to live a new day each day.  We all have our own light, love and power inside of us.  We all have the chance to show love, be love, and allow beauty, empathy, joy and compassion to flow.

We all have the chance to realign, transform and become holistic in health.

We all deserve that chance.


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