“I can affect change by transforming the only thing that I ever had control over in the first place and that is myself.” – Deepak Chopra

When is it time to make change?

When is it time to move beyond the past?

When is it time to bring a new awareness and presence to life?

As I sit and write this in February 2016, I realize that in order to bring about transformation, there needs to be an acceptance that change is without a doubt a positive thing to embrace.

When fear of change keep us trapped, stuck and in toxic thoughts of how can we do this? Who can give us the answers?  Why do we feel so helpless?  There is no path for our transformation, only more mental fog that overtakes our thinking, choices and actions.

When we open the heart, tune out the Ego and it’s internal questioning, and allow the new to blossom and bloom, we naturally find our wisdom, courage, strength, and we walk the new path for real transformation to begin.

Transformation can open so many new doors.  Our life can be viewed in a different light, and for the moments that we experience present awareness, we can truly feel that twinkle and sparkle of love in our hearts.

We all feel inspired when we hear of stories of courage and healing.  Those who have overcome difficult adversities of life – such as illness, loss, addiction, anything that has traumatized a valuable life in some way.  The courage and strength one finds in these times brings ability to transmute (to begin the process of change), to transform (putting change into action), and to transcend from the past (to rise above) – leaping forward with faith and the determination for a better quality of life.

As with any transformation there is the transition phase.  A phase where we bounce from weak, needy and totally lost, to days and moments where we feel empowerment and even more strength.  A phase when some days enlightenment, openness and awareness flourish, which allow healthy choices and positive actions to be followed through.

During this phase one can still weather heavy storms – storms that can bring from the past painful memories, and intense emotions that still require some self compassion to be dealt with.  During these times, internal self doubt, procrastination and questioning can begin again – playing the usual thought script of – is there a way through this pain?  How can I change?  How can I be of value to others?  However, after another difficult day and night, a new day will always begin, a day full of new chances, choices and actions.

So what does Transformation mean to me?

Value based living and thinking of others – my family and friends

Helping those who are less fortunate, and offering what you can in time or money (even a little means something to someone)

Living with integrity and authenticity – being the ‘real’ you – yes despite any weaknesses and the past – the ‘real’ you has a Soul that needs nourishment 

Knowing you count in this world – no-one deserves to suffer and live a life consumed in fear and past regrets

Allowing your own inner-child to feel safe, just as we do with our own children – leaving time to relax, play and just be, away from all the pressures of everyday life!

We all have the power to transform our lives by utilizing our patience, self-compassion, kindness and love everyday.  The more we allow our own internal love to flow, the more love, forgiveness and compassion we have for others, and every bit of love can make a small difference to someones life in this world.




5 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. Hi Emma you have expressed some timely reminders on how to bring ‘wonderful’ into our lives again. Sometimes we forget little things that have the ability to make big differences. Thanks for being a beacon of inspiration.

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  2. Beautifully put. Listen to what you write and you can get more strength. Each day you are more able to control your anxieties by the things to are able to write. We are so proud of you. You have come a long way. Love you always and forever. Mum xxxxxx


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