Finding the Fun in Life!

Archie jumping
Allow your own inner-child to play!

When was the last time you really laughed?

When was the last time you really felt connected to your beautiful smile?

When was the last time you prioritized that fun part of you to come out and play?

As a child I remember those day trips with Mum and Dad.  A fun day planned with all the family that always brought excitement and happiness.  A day where no expense was spared in laughter, love, food and play.  Moments in time where all the family would let go and prioritize fun.

There was a time for so many of us as children when Music, Athletics, Art, Drama – all played such a big part in our life.  This was a time when our personal creativity was nourished and alive.  A time when fun day trips and carnivals with the school were always on the agenda, along with a good guarantee of unstoppable giggles on the bus on the way home with friends.

A time for me when I could enjoy giggles with my Sisters – especially as they found my jokes and clarinet music practice hilarious!  As I sit now I even remember my Nanna’s dog who would try to sing along with his own tune!!  This time in life where I was very lucky to still have my Nanna and Grandad, and be totally spoilt with family laughs, love and play.

Treasured childhood moments that can never be replaced.  Sadly – how often do we give our brain a natural boost of a happiness trip down memory lane?  Or even just embrace an happiness and gratitude with what we have right now in this very moment.

As adults I think we forgot that fun and play are allowed.  We get so caught up and overwhelmed with the demands of life, and constantly trying to be our best to everyone – we disconnect from the importance of prioritizing time for fun and play!

So why do I write this?  As a reminder that….

Yes life is a constant cycle of busyness – work, chores, children, health, personal obstacles/development – and the constant juggle in our minds to find enough time!  So as we try our best to prioritize care for others, let’s actually ensure we care for ourselves too, and make time for fun, laughter and play – whatever this is for you?

The more we remember to have fun and enjoy our life – the more kindness, peace and compassion we will find deep within.  The more we remember that we don’t have all the right answers to everything, and that it’s OK not to be PERFECT!  The more balance we will find in our daily life.

So I have set myself a little exercise to think about and complete – maybe you will join me?

Daily practice to laugh out loud when you’re alone – even if it feels strange at first – just do it and let’s give our body a natural boost of happy chemicals!

Daily practice to remember your little fun self and connect back in!  What were your family strengths?What did the family love about your fun self?  How did you make them laugh?

Prioritize playtime – organise and pencil in a weekly family fun day. Dinner/or movie with friends/family.  Telling jokes at the family dinner table!

Listen, dance, sing to music – up beat or chilled – just smile, be happy and embrace the moment!

Take a trip down memory lane and just have a good laugh – remind the family of the fun stories – dig out those old pictures and share, share, share!   

I often look at my Son and feel an overwhelming feeling of inspiration with his passion and determination of sport, and of course in the world of a 7 year-old – the ability to be so care-free and content.  Then I remember that we all had that in our life once.  So let’s make the commitment to allow our own inner-child to thrive again.  It is the magical essence of you, and is full of fun, laughter, love and play.

Yours in happy memories.



8 thoughts on “Finding the Fun in Life!

  1. Wise words we should all take time out to be child like and carefree each day and release the strain and pressures of everyday life. Live life, love life! Inspirational words from an inspirational woman xx

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  2. Glad you seem to be reminising about good times. So much in life that we take for granted we forget to enjoy ourselves along the way. The older we get the sillier we should be, laughter makes the soul feel so much better. Take care my lovely, give Archie big hugs and keep singing. Love you xxxxxxxx

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  3. This is a lovely reminder that elements of life can be fun & light hearted and we need to increase the balance towards that state of being. Having just spent the weekend camping with friends we had some good laughs around the fire. This morning I felt like I’d been away on holiday. Disconnection from the mundane is so important. Thanks Emma for a great post.

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  4. Emma thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life and your world for these past few years. You are an inspiration and a force to be reckoned with. Thank you for the reminder to have fun and lighten up. I know your journey has not been easy but you are a beacon of light to others and your beauty shines from the inside out to all who come in contact with you. It is pure joy to read your blogs and be a part of your healing.
    I wish you love, light, hugs, kisses and lots and lots of fun ! xxx


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