“The weak can never forgive.  Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” – Mahatma Gandhi

What or who do we need to forgive?

Will forgiveness heal the past?

Will forgiveness help provide healthy communication and expression in life?

Was there someone or something in your life that caused pain?  Did your heart want to forgive but your ego wouldn’t allow it?

Are you someone holding onto pain, anger or sadness – and allowing these feelings to block the present health of your spiritual, mental and physical body?

If we are all completely honest, I’m sure most of us can all answer yes to the above!  Each day we are presented with some kind of challenge, and it equate to someone or something needing forgiveness.


Because as much as we may like to feel in control of everything – we simply can’t!  There is always some kind of conflict in our lives, and at some point, the someone or something will require awareness, attention and forgiveness.

Perhaps a someone or something let you down, and the story and script continued to play over and over in your mind?  Or maybe you let someone or something down, and you found it very hard to forgive YOU!

So many questions – and in the questioning, are we actually learning to forgive?

As hard as it is to accept mistakes – they happen and we need to allow our forgiveness to be heard and to come alive.  A gift that we can offer to ourselves and others – and a gift that can bring us peace, help us learn to let go, and to move forward detached from resentment and blame.

So yes at times it is incredibly hard to forgive.  Sometimes trying to understand the pain hurts so much.  We may actually think of revenge – but really what does this achieve?  It is the Ego that wants to take revenge, to judge, to blame and to criticize.  The heart only wants forgiveness.  So if you’re hurting, take a step back and tune into what you really crave for your emotional, mental and physical health and growth.  Make peace with any situation so you can move forward in life filled with unconditional forgiveness for yourself and others.

Forgiveness = Freedom.

Forgiveness = A new journey in our life.




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