The Wisdom of Willpower!

“Strength does not come from physical capacity.  It comes from an indomitable will.” – Mahatma Gandhi

So what is Willpower?

For me – it is an internal stream of wisdom.  A stream that allows one to flow with life – and develop strength to conquer any obstacle.  When in flow – it provides a deeper understanding and a better judgement of everyday life.

We are all reminded day after day how life can throw many challenges in our path.  Personal challenges – or challenges for our loved ones.  Yes we all know that some of us seem to handle challenges better than others.  Some of us who are sensitive and worry can find it hard to re-align with our willpower and the motivation to fight – but despite the essence of our nature – challenges in life can be healed and overcome.

For it is our challenges that will provide the biggest lesson in life.  A lesson that when we listen carefully – will bring development and growth.  A lesson that ignites the light for a better life – and the strength from willpower that we never imagined possible!

It is when our willpower is alive and well – that we are alive and well – and moving forward in true alignment so we can achieve healthy and realistic goals.  We can move forward from any destruction that our past choices made – and bring a new choice that can make a significant difference to our life – and the life of those we love.

Recently my Dad after 50 years of smoking and causing damage and self-inflicted pain to his body – he made the brave and powerful decision to stop such a crippling and addictive habit.  I guess like many of us – he reached the fork in the road of his life and had to make the choice – would he just continue on the same path causing more pain and hurt to his body and life – or find the courage, strength and determination to overcome his challenge.

The road and journey for my Dad is one example like many others – an example of one choice in life causing so much pain.  Like Father like Daughter – is it only through my own healing journey that I have realised the power one can find when they tap in to their Willpower – and can therefore utilise their strength and determination with any obstacle.

Personally I have the deepest admiration for anyone who has conquered any challenge in their life.  Anything that was causing physical, emotional or mental pain.  It is only through facing difficulties that we can bring further strength and growth.  We can bring awareness and clarity with our best self – and plant a healthy and stable way forward for our own lives and those around us.

We all have the willpower to stop any self-inflicted pain – to overcome any challenge/addiction/bad habit that no longer serve us.  It is only when we listen to the wisdom we hold deep inside – to the wisdom that can truly nourish our life – then we will find our natural flow of love and our ability to build a strong and stable resilience to daily life.

  • So with any challenge – believe and trust  
  • Believe and trust – all will be well
  • Believe and trust  – despite any self-doubt, worry and critical thinking
  • Visualize that bright light of hope deep inside to find that stronger you

It is vital we cherish our willpower.  It is from this strength we can change all destructive patterns and thoughts, and help to let go off any old feelings based around fear, anger and frustration.  Defeat will no longer resonate in your life.

So today open a new page in a new book.  A new book that inspires you and reminds you of excitement, laughter and joy.  Embrace the new chapter and imagine the wonderful character in the book is you.  Allow the feelings of the new story to unfold in your life.

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7 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Willpower!

  1. Emma that was absolutely lovely. It has inspired me also. Having quite a few personal challenges recently a part of me wants to curl up in a ball. But of course we have to keep going.
    I’ll read it again, I thought it was wonderful!!
    Thanks poppet. Love Vi cky reading it in a hotel room in sunny Cardiff xx

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    1. Beautiful Vicks – thanks so much for your words and kindness. We all hold so much power deep inside. We just have to work through the weeds to find it. We all hold that special light – and yes it’s hard – we can feel lost and defeated and unmotivated time after time – but know you deserve love – you are special and have your beautiful soul to cherish.
      Love and hugs.
      Yours in more Willpower my friend. 😃♥️


  2. Very inspiring post Emma and I’m “willing” to use my will power more often. I hear agree we need to trust and have faith. I can resonate with this post, thanks for sharing x

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  3. Beautiful words Emma! I really resonated with this piece of writing, it has helped guide me through my struggles at the moment. All I need to do is believe and trust all will be well!!

    Wow! Your dad quit smoking just like that after such a long time! Unbelievable!

    Thanks for sharing Em! Xx

    Sent from my iPhone


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