10 Habits to Cultivate Optimism!

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“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill 

So are you a natural optimist or pessimist?

Do you spend most of your time and energy with countless worries about life, health, family, work, and have the tendency to let your worries take over?

If this sounds familiar, how can we re-train our worrying and old faulty thinking patterns so we can re-plant with positive and loving new thoughts?

How can we really work towards optimistic thinking?

So firstly when we bring awareness to our negative thinking and become the observer instead of the victim, we are better able to combat this faulty thinking and rewire the thoughts and actions that are not helpful to us. Although the mind is a very powerful tool, with practice, patience and determination, over time it is possible to create new thoughts and habits that help to build resilience and strength.  It is over time we can create new neural pathways that better serve us, and all those around us.

So in a daily quest towards Optimistic Thinking – the following are 10 habits that I believe can bring out the optimist in all of us.

  1. Love – giving love as much as we can and despite how we feel.  Love is our healer, our light and guide.  Love is what connects us and helps us to feel safe.  The more love we give, the more love we will feel.
  2. Gratitude – thanking God and the Universe each day for the blessings we have. Such as our health, family, our eyes so we can see our family and the wonders of the world. Blessings for our legs that give us mobility and allow us to feel joy from walking, running and the ability to do the sport we love.  Blessings for the food we have to eat, and a comfortable home and bed to feel safe.  Let’s face it – sadly some have nothing so we can always feel grateful for something, however small it may be.
  3. Forgiveness – for our own mistakes, and the mistakes of others.  To bring light to any painful situation and let it go in any way you can.  Move on – for holding on to resentment and anger only perpetuates further pain and negative thinking. Something to consider – does being right actually make you feel better?
  4. Kindness – consideration, random acts of kindness, time to others, and if possible donations of any kind – yes even $1 to the homeless you meet on the street can make a difference.  We can all do something.  It doesn’t have to be big and the very fact you think about someone else and want to help makes that someone else a little happier, valued and loved.
  5. Laughter – with family, friends, co-workers.  Laughter lifts our energy, it brings light to our life and allows those worries and chores to not feel so life draining!
  6. Creativity – allow creativity to come alive.  Dancing, music, art, writing, any hobbies, even the daily food preparation!  Let this part of you come out to play and let it shine.
  7. Purpose – when negativity creeps in that you are bad, a failure and not good enough, any judging or critical thought.  Let it go, bring light to it and rewire with a positive statement and affirmation that will lift you.  A statement that your purpose is investment in your life and the life of loved ones.  We are all good enough as we still have a life.  Remember a perfect life is not real.
  8. Acceptance – this brings peace with the here and now.  Although it may not be perfect and hard to understand, if we constantly worry, we just stay trapped in pain and find it hard to see the blessings we can take for granted.  Accepting creates a space to allow new thoughts and actions that serve a better purpose for us, and for others.
  9. Compassion – to ourselves and others.  It provides understanding, time and love and demonstrates that we care.  We are not alone in our struggles of life, there is so much pain but we can bring compassion when and where we can, and use that compassion for our own growth so we can be of strength and support for others who may be suffering.
  10. Connection – with all in life.  A smile and chat with loved ones, even a stranger! Any face to face contact, and really listening and being present.  Connection is making the time to nourish life with others so the natural social wants of our brain can feel alive.

Optimism = seeing the lighter things in life.  Always look closely as there will always be something we can find that sparks the light back inside.  


3 thoughts on “10 Habits to Cultivate Optimism!

  1. So very true. We can all learn from this. It would make life’s journey much easier if we can remember these things in life.we are never to old to learn. Very well written Emma. We are very proud of you. Stay strong. Love you. Mum

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  2. I’d like to think I’m an optimist but the dark energies creep in sometimes.. Valuable lessons to learn from this piece, thank you for sharing!

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