Moving Beyond Self-Judgement

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“I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self.” – Aristotle

Sadly many of us constantly judge ourselves in a terrible and self-critical way.  For some it is so intense, this constant toxic thinking only creates an internal world of pain, and can validate feelings of inadequacy and never feeling good enough.

Having experienced this in my own life, and hearing from those who have been courageous to have shared their stories.  This thinking style seems to be a common trap for many of us, and despite how long we have listened to the rules and regulations of our inner-critic, there comes a time when say enough is enough, and we take back our healing power.

Once we feel the energy of our love, faith, hope and determination, we can work towards any change, and we can use our newly found strength to re-wire any unhelpful and negative based thoughts that no longer serve any purpose to our life!

Although this sounds easy, it is incredibly difficult to change neural pathways that have been set in a certain way for so long.  It is a hard goal to achieve, however small goals and steps over time = new results.  Results that allow us to see and feel courage from our brave changes, and therefore invitee more feelings that encourage and empower us to keep going, and to let go of any self-defeating thoughts that try to return!

When we actually take more time to stop and listen to the guidance and wisdom from the heart, we are more able to tune out of the minds self-judgement and critical thinking stories and barrels of negative thoughts, and bring focus and energy to remind our body and brain of the enjoyment we once had, filled with feelings of love, compassion and joy.

It fascinates me how many who lack confidence and self-esteem tend to be the ones who see the beauty and perfection in others, yet for their own life, they find it incredibly difficult to practice self-love, self-praise and a nourishing friend inside.  I know from personal experience that listening to a constant cruel inner-critic, only delivered one result, that was a broken heart!

As I see my days today looking on a positive note!  I know that a broken heart will only be healed with LOVE.

So the daily goal I deliver to my life is to constantly re-wire any old neural pathways that are filled with hurtful thoughts and judgement, and I choose to ignore and defuse any self-critical analysis, and re-tune into self-encouragement and praise regardless to the task that I am doing at the time.

“Your Highest Self only wants you to be at peace.  It does not judge, compare, or demand that you defeat anyone or be better than anyone.” – Wayne Dyer

So if you’re like me and carry intense judgement to who you are.  Please give your life a gift, and offer a beautiful compassionate friend inside.  Start believing and encouraging the uniqueness that you already are, so you can enjoy this one and only precious life that you have today.

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One thought on “Moving Beyond Self-Judgement

  1. Emma as a teacher I see self doubt in so many-especially girls between 15-18.
    Im so unsure how much of this will manufester in their adult life and complicate their relationships with others and most importantly themselves.
    This was powerful cause it lays out choices to change or continue. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome…..we all must be insane, until we stop!!!!
    A beautiful piece.


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