Finding Abundance in Life!

“Abundance is not something we acquire.  It is something we tune into.”  – Wayne Dyer

So really is abundance something we can acquire?

As most of us know, we live in a very fast paced and competitive world, and for most of us, this includes running on auto-pilot trying to catch up, cram in, and cross off the list that seems to actually never have any ending!  I recall most of my life operating on this formula, and in doing so, most of the time it actually keep me blinded to see the abundance of the many beautiful things already in my life.  The things that were taken for granted.

Most of us through stress and worry can easily slip into thoughts that we must just keep going, stay on that treadmill of life, just hand on to all those controls, keeping the hope that tomorrow will be a better day, and we will wake up thinking and feeling totally different!

Maybe living a stressed life, perhaps like I used to, you kept overthinking and worrying about everyone and everything, and in doing so, sadly missed all the chances to see and feel the abundance that was already their in life.

I recall running a life calculated by a stressed and exhausted formula, it created an hopelessness that I started to question what actually was the most important thing in life?  What actually were the blessings?  As hard as it felt, actually making the time to stop running around, to put health and family first, to let go of all the tasks that I thought were super-urgent!  When I actually let go of judging, blaming and complaining about what I didn’t do, I actually began to feel much more positive, and didn’t acquire anything other than being grateful for all the basic and simple things in life.

“I now move into a new era of prosperity and abundance.  Thank you, Life!”  – Louise Hay

So making time for that morning and evening walk with friends and family, and being present, delivered abundance of nature, connection and feeling grounded.

Actually thinking of those less fortunate and doing what I could, made me realize how lucky I was for all the things I already had.

Spending time with my only child, laughing, crying, just being a family.  This made me realize how very lucky I was to actually have a child.

Everyday seeing obstacles as a lesson of growth in building emotional resilience and strength, which I could then use towards helping someone else who may be struggling and losing hope in their own life.

So we all have those days blinded with the busyness of life.  The days when you just feel exhausted, frantic, frustrated and lost!  When and where you can, just take a breath, stop, and listen to your heart and needs.  The treasure of self-compassion, courage and strength is always within.

With awareness and focus, the abundance of love is always there to carry us through any pain and worry, and if we listen and tune into this love, this provides the light of our own life to shine through, giving us the chance to see and feel many of the abundant blessings in life!

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3 thoughts on “Finding Abundance in Life!

  1. Absolutely Emma. It’s through the darkness of life’s challenges, the delightful experiences and sharing our wisdom, strength and love with others that we all receive the abundant blessings in life. We become a better version of ourselves, always evolving, creating a more fulfilling and prosperous life… And what a blessing that is!

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