The Abundant Blessings in Life

“I look within to find my treasures.” – Louise Hay

“I now move into a new era of prosperity and abundance.  Thank you, Life!”

– Louise Hay

How many times during the day do you see and feel the abundant blessings in your life?

Do you actually stop to see and feel the good things however small they may be?

Maybe you over think and worry about everything, and in doing so, use your daily mantras and affirmations to manifest more happiness and abundance in life.

So I ask myself – is abundance really something we can acquire?

“Abundance is not something we acquire:  It is something we tune into.” –  Wayne Dyer

As we now seem to live in this fast paced and competitive world, which for most of us includes running on auto-pilot, all trying to catch up, cram in, and cross off that daily to-do list, a list by the way that seems to never have any ending!  I know days running on this formula keep me blinded to see the abundance of the many beautiful things in life.  I can easily slip back into thoughts to just keep going and hang onto that control button, all in the hope that order and abundance will prevail.

Running a life calculated by this formula, I start to question what is important in life?  What will I actually achieve by running frantically to keep up?  It is when I prioritize time to stop running, to take time with tasks and let go off those judging, blaming and complaining thoughts, it is with this mindful awareness formula that the negative fog passes, and the abundant blessings seem to shine through.

So do you count your blessings?  Make a conscious effort to see and feel the blessings you have today – even if you only see and feel few!

“I now move into a new era of prosperity and abundance.  Thank you, Life!” Louise Hay

I see that if I can actually get up in a morning and walk, and am able to offer loving kindness and support to family, friends, and those less fortunate, for me these are blessings that I no longer take for granted.  It is also from the blessing of a Son that I have find a strength to never give in.  A strength that has help to build emotional resilience and regulation.  A strength that I see as a blessing, and hope through this strength I can inspire him and others to find and build on their own resilience.  You see we are all a blessing to someone in this life.

So in those days when you are blinded with the busyness of life.  The days when you just feel exhausted, frantic, frustrated and lost.  STOP.  Listen.  Breath.  Tune into the wisdom and abundance of the love you have deep inside.  Tune into your treasure of self-compassion, courage and strength.  Just believe and trust that the abundance of love is always there to shine that light in your life.




3 thoughts on “The Abundant Blessings in Life

  1. Absolutely Emma. It’s through the darkness of life’s challenges, the delightful experiences and sharing our wisdom, strength and love with others that we all receive the abundant blessings in life. We become a better version of ourselves, always evolving, creating a more fulfilling and prosperous life… And what a blessing that is!

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