Putting a stop to Procrastination

“My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today.  Procrastination is the thief of time. ” – Charles Dickens

So do you procrastinate?

Do you allow procrastination to road block your dreams and achievement of your goals?

If we add up all the hours of countless worries and mental dialogue of what we can and can’t do? Or who we think we should and shouldn’t be?  Sadly all that is achieved is a depletion of confidence, and a loss of time that can never be claimed back.

So living through the frustration of this faulty cognitive thinking trap.  What can we do to bring about positive growth and change?

For a start – we can actually begin to listen to what our dreams and goals are.  We can take notice and ensure we write down clearly what it is we want to achieve, and actually believe we have a chance to achieve it.  With a positive mindset, a can do attitude, and a one step at a time approach, we can achieve many things, and all it takes is action to implement our goals, so we can then give our dreams a chance to come alive.

It is in our listening, believing and action that we turn off the power to procrastination, and in doing so,  we then free up more positive energy to manifest what it is we really want. It is in our doing that we nourish our self-esteem, improve our confidence, and build a better quality of mental health and resilience.  We only have one chance at this life, one chance to walk the path we need in order to thrive!  So why don’t we take the steps to put our dreams into action, so we can have a chance towards actually making something new happen!

In all the things we do in life for our loved ones, work, family, friends, our community, in summary the to-do for the daily grind of life!  Can we not find some time to nourish our own dreams?

Perhaps you are someone who has already fulfilled a dream?  Or maybe you still long to fulfill yours?

Maybe you dream to be a writer, an artist, a teacher or dancer?  Perhaps you have your heart set on helping others who are less fortunate.  Or even a dream of that beach house or country estate that you have visualized for years from that city commute to and from your stressful job!!

Whatever your dreams and goals may be, if you can invoke feelings of happiness, joy, comfort and peace, in summary a mixture of uplifting feelings, this is the very reason we need to listen and take what action we can to embark on change, and therefore end the cycle of depleting procrastination!

So if you are stuck in an habitual cycle of procrastination, take the step today to free yourself from this time-wasting energy.  It is when we take action and ignore the judgement, guilt, lack of time and money worries, and breakdown what seems to feel like the impossible, we can then be pleasantly surprised of the outcome we actually achieve.

“Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday and avoiding today.” – Wayne Dyer

So if you want to publish a book, start that blog, be an artist, expand on your interior-design talents, or pay a visit to that dream home, take the steps forward today.  The time is now, and the answer is in the doing.  The doing free of perfection, judgement, criticism, and procrastination.  For it is in the action that you are validating your talents and dreams, and believe you can do it, and are worth it.

So if procrastination has been depleting you.  Believe you can never fail if you listen and take action.  Our time here is all about jumping the hurdles.  At times high, and at others low.  At times we foresee easy jumps, and at other times we see jumps that seem too high.  Life does challenge us over and over, it doesn’t always give us what we want, but if we have a life and can make those little steps to nourish our life, we can trust deep down it will be OK.

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4 thoughts on “Putting a stop to Procrastination

  1. Oh wow Emma, this most certainly strikes a chord with me, thank you for sharing this piece, it’s one I’ll keep referring back to for when I need to overcome resistance when beginning a brand new canvas… a blank white canvas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Morgan,

      Thanks for your comments and sharing my post on your blog. It is the start of a creative outlet I wish to explore and motivate others as I can along the way.
      Your blog is so helpful and inspiring and it excites me on this blog journey.

      Yours in blogging.



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