Embracing Change!

“We all have a destiny, a dharma to fulfill, and there are endless opportunities, people, and circumstances that surface throughout our lives to illuminate our path.” – Wayne Dyer

Why is it some of us fear change so much?

What if we actually open ourselves to the new, and believe and trust what is yet to come?

I’m sure most of us at some point have felt incredibly fearful of certain change in our lives.  The awful scenarios that we can ruminate over and over, only causing endless worries and blockages to the energy channels of our optimism, energy and growth.

I understand how change can feel so daunting, especially for those of us who are sensitive and need to feel in control so we feel safe and secure.  Sometimes the problem is we have no control over change, and because of this, our fears can become even more magnified with obsessive worry.  Sometimes change is the making of our own choice, and although we may worry if we have made the right choice, at least facing and embracing the change provides the opportunity for a different path forward.

As hard as change can feel, accepting change helps us avoid stagnant living, thinking and doing.  It  propels us forward with determination for a better today, tomorrow,  and towards the future.  Change can help us invite healthier habits, thoughts and actions,  all of which contributing towards achieving that different result we may want in our lives. After all, if we long for change, but continue living, being and doing the same thing over and over, how can we expect anything different to come?

“Do not ask the world to change.  Change yourself.” – Buddha

So if you are facing a change that is making you worry?  Please stop today and think about this – what if this change presents a chance for the best to come?  The best that may bring a better lifestyle, more quality time with loved ones, a better quality of health, more energy, a job with less stress, pressure, and a job that allows your skills and talents to shine.  What if this change makes a happier YOU!  A YOU that feels liberated, vibrant and full of love and smiles!

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” – Jim Rohn

So change is scary.  Change is exciting.  Change is a change for many reasons.  The only way I see looking at change is to jump in, allow what is to take place, and trust it is for a reason.  After all, how do we know what the result of change will be if we block and fight against it?

Change is a change for many reasons, but a chance to stop and take that new direction  in your life.

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