Christmas Wishes from the Heart

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” – Charles Dickens


A time for giving, a time for sharing, a time for caring.

This year Christmas has reminded me that it is a time of love, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude and connection to others.  It is a time that is more than hurrying and stressing about the abundance of gifts and perfection of the day.  It is a time that if we allow can deliver excitement, celebration and fun.

It is also a time for hope as the amazing charities and individual contributions of so many fulfill the lives of those who are less fortunate.  It is a time that as we remember our own personal memories of Christmas, we aim to create the same magic of what Christmas can really bring to those we love.

“Christmas is a season not only for rejoicing but of reflection.” – Winston Churchill

So in reflection, this Christmas season let’s ensure we tell all of those we love and care about just how important they are to us.  Let us in anyway we can do something for someone less fortunate than ourselves.

To those of us with families who live across the miles.  Let them know their important place will always remain deep in our hearts, and the memories of the fun that were once shared, that those wonderful times will always be remembered, and  will offer the comfort of love to every Chistmas  day.

So this holiday season – Live your Christmas, Love your Christmas, Laugh during your Christmas, and remember this is a time of loving kindness to one and all  – yes including you!

Wishing you love, best wishes and blessings for your Christmas and Journey into 2017!



3 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes from the Heart

  1. Lovely Em. Thanks so much for our gorgeous Christmas card too. It arrives today.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Much love to the Powers. Xx

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