Tips to Boost Daily Optimism!

Set daily goals, but keep flexible!  There are always things that reside out of our control!  So as long as you stay aligned by your values – your personal well-being will stay in check! Keep a daily gratitude journal, as this helps to boost mood, and allows us to feel happiness for all the things… Continue reading Tips to Boost Daily Optimism!

Chocolate Vegan Yogurt!

This chocolate vegan yogurt is super yummy! I use this meal for a dairy-free chocolate yogurt option, and the protein keeps you full, and alert with mental and physical energy! It’s easy to digest, extremely easy to make, and super healthy for the body and brain! Ingredients: Chocolate Protein Powder (6-8 heaped tablespoons) – serving… Continue reading Chocolate Vegan Yogurt!

Super-Smoothie Combo!

This yummy treat can be served as breakfast, brunch, or dessert, and will provide many vital nutrients you need to fuel the mind, body and soul! Ingredients: Chocolate Pea Protein Powder (2 heaped tablespoons) Organic Coconut Water (200-250ml) Coconut Yogurt (optional for thicker consistency) Spinach or Kale (any Greens – handful of more) Banana (half/or 1) Mango, Organic… Continue reading Super-Smoothie Combo!

A New Year, a New Start!

So has your new year already started with that ruthless resolution list? A year and list that will change just about everything and deliver a new and perfect you? Anything here sound familiar? I will be a perfect parent and never get angry!  In fact I will never get angry full stop! I will do more for others regardless… Continue reading A New Year, a New Start!

Christmas Wishes from the Heart

Christmas. A time for giving, a time for sharing, a time for caring. This year Christmas has reminded me that it is a time of love, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude and connection to others.  It is a time that is more than hurrying and stressing about the abundance of gifts and perfection of the day.  It… Continue reading Christmas Wishes from the Heart

Building Resilience!

Resilience is the most crucial attribute that we need in life! As we all collectively face increasing demands of our time, work pressures, duties, responsibilities, and let us not forget the judgement we can carry upon ourselves as we constantly try to keep up with life!  Without resilience our attempt to keep up and keep going can quickly lead to depletion, both… Continue reading Building Resilience!