Staying True to You – Authenticity

So are you living a life connected with your authentic self? Do you stay connected to your authenticity despite what others may say or do? Deep within us lies our very own special and sacred place.  A place that if we allow can provide so much nourishment to life and to others.  A place that can reflect… Continue reading Staying True to You – Authenticity

A New Year, a New Start!

So has your new year already started with that ruthless resolution list? A year and list that will change just about everything and deliver a new and perfect you? Anything here sound familiar? I will be a perfect parent and never get angry!  In fact I will never get angry full stop! I will do more for others regardless… Continue reading A New Year, a New Start!

Christmas Wishes from the Heart

Christmas. A time for giving, a time for sharing, a time for caring. This year Christmas has reminded me that it is a time of love, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude and connection to others.  It is a time that is more than hurrying and stressing about the abundance of gifts and perfection of the day.  It… Continue reading Christmas Wishes from the Heart

The Foundations of Resilience

Resilience. This attribute seems to be a striving goal for many of us today.  As we collectively face increasing demands of our time, work pressures, duties, responsibilities, and not forgetting the judgement with inflict to ourselves when trying to keep up with life.  In the attempt to keep up and keep going, is there any wonder that our resilience can  become depleted, and for some of us, can leave behind… Continue reading The Foundations of Resilience

Putting a stop to Procrastination

So do you procrastinate? Do you allow procrastination to road block your dreams and achievement of your goals? If we add up all the hours of countless worries and mental dialogue of what we can and can’t do? Or who we think we should and shouldn’t be?  Sadly all that is achieved is a depletion… Continue reading Putting a stop to Procrastination