Putting a stop to Procrastination

So do you procrastinate? Do you allow procrastination to road block your dreams and achievement of your goals? If we add up all the hours of countless worries and mental dialogue of what we can and can’t do? Or who we think we should and shouldn’t be?  Sadly all that is achieved is a depletion… Continue reading Putting a stop to Procrastination

Moving Beyond Self-Judgement

Sadly many of us constantly judge ourselves in a terrible and self-critical way.  For some it is so intense, this constant toxic thinking only creates an internal world of pain, and can validate feelings of inadequacy and never feeling good enough. Having experienced this in my own life, and hearing from those who have been courageous… Continue reading Moving Beyond Self-Judgement

10 Habits to Cultivate Optimism!

So are you a natural optimist or pessimist? Do you spend most of your time and energy with countless worries about life, health, family, work, and have the tendency to let your worries take over? If this sounds familiar, how can we re-train our worrying and old faulty thinking patterns so we can re-plant with positive… Continue reading 10 Habits to Cultivate Optimism!